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In one way or another, I have kept a journal since age 12. I've kept an online journal called Musings since late 2002. My topics range from things that happen in my daily life to my thoughts on pop culture to my ponderings about everything from dreams to the secret thoughts of pets. In November 2007, I began mirroring it here, although I often included extras to this version, such as memes and quizzes. In February 2010, I stopped updating the original journal on my home page and instead started a writing journal there.

For some insight into who I am, read Intro to Alyce. For a guide to the many nicknames I use in my online journal, check out Who's Who in Musings.

The beautiful, sweet dog in one of my icons is Una, my best friend and nurse dog for nearly 11 years, who passed away on October 22, 2010. She was my inspiration, and she taught me how to be a better friend and mother; a better person. My son, Kung Fu Panda (KFP for short), benefits from all the caregiving skills I learned in those 11 years. My husband, The Gryphon, probably does, as well!

The goals I established when I first begin an online journal remain the same: this is a way to explore the tangential, the seemingly accidental observations many of us overlook but which may, ultimately, be where all life and all mystery hinges.

AGT Recap: Auditions, Week 3

Thought I'd try to get my recap in a little earlier than I did last week. It's hard with the Otakon crunch and all the kids' parties and such I've been attending lately!

This week, the "America's Got Talent," Season 10, auditions spent half the shoe on high-danger acts, many of which were one-trick ponies, in my estimation. Do you agree?

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With the craziness of last week -- what with my son's preschool graduation and planning for his fifth birthday party -- I forgot to upload my recap for last week's "America's Got Talent" show, the third week of auditions for Season 10.

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AGT Recap: Auditions, Night 2

The second night of auditions on Season 10 of "America's Got Talent" showcased a lot of dancers of various levels, as well as a funny magician and some other notable acts.

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Belated 'America's Got Talent' Recap

Wrote my "AGT" recap live last week but somehow didn't get around to posting it. Here it is, in case anyone would like to weigh in.

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Belated "American Idol" Finale Recap

I just realized that somehow, with my cramped schedule, I forgot to post my final recap from "American Idol" Season 14. Here it is.

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This week, Wild Violet's contributors show the many sides of hardships, including a sliver of hope.

Featured Works: Week of May 17 (Hardship) | Wild Violet online literary magazine

Idol Minor - Sign Ups

So far, KFP is the only person signed up for Idol Minor, for ages 14 and under. Do you know anyone under that age who would like a fun, noncompetitive writing challenge?

You can find all the sign-up sheet here: Idol Minor - Sign Ups.

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