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Artsy Hometown Photos

Earlier this week, I promised to share some artistic photos taken with my new camera while walking my doggie, Una, through my hometown after Christmas. I meant to share them yesterday, but I got too busy getting ready for the NYE party at The White Rabbit's (more on that tomorrow). Anyway, here they are.

Icicles on Bush (Click to enlarge)

These icicles hung from a bush in my hometown.
(Faster-loading version)


Hanging Decoration (Click to enlarge)

These decorative plastic verries hung from a post in someone's yard.
(Faster-loading version)


Industrial Abstract (Click to enlarge)

These colored warehouse windows created
a colorful abstract reminiscent of Mark Rothko.
(Faster-loading version)


Morning Haze (Click to enlarge)

The morning sun appears through haze above an empty lot.
(Faster-loading version)


Ice and Leaves (Click to enlarge)

Some dried leaves caught in ice: frozen art.
(Faster-loading version)


Holly Berries (Click to enlarge)

All the holly bushes in my hometown were in full berry mode.
(Faster-loading version)


Berries on Fence (Click to enlarge)

Walking through the industrial section of my hometown,
I came across these brilliant red berries, growing on a chainlink fence.
(Faster-loading version)

Beauty is everywhere, if you look.

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