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Renewed Purpose

I'm approaching resolutions in a new way this year. Instead of setting huge, often insurmountable goals, I will set smaller, more achievable goals designed to get me closer to achieving long-term goals. As I achieve those smaller goals, I will set new short-term goals. That way I hope to stay focused without feeling overwhelmed.

Long-term Goal #1: Complete and Publish My Wedding Book

  • Short-term Goal: Complete rough draft of section one.

Long-term Goal #2: Publish My Second Poetry Book

  • Short-term Goal: Check out the publishers recommended to me by fellow poet Peter Krok.

Long-term Goal #3: Archive My Old Radio Shows and Photos

  • Short-term Goal: Take The Gryphon up on his offer to install a burnable DVD drive in my computer.

Long-term Goal #4: Reorganize My Home Office

  • Short-term Goal: Find a storage solution for my multiple extension cords, chargers and cables.

Long-term Goal #5: Achieve and Maintain Fitness

  • Short-term Goal: Lose five pounds (towards an ultimate goal of 15).
Tags: career, health & fitness, organization, resolutions

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