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Talent Trumps Luck

Last night American Idol showed auditions from season seven runner-up David Archuleta's home town, Salt Lake City. Would anybody match his potential?

David Osmond

First up was someone with a famous name, David Osmond, 28. Unfortunately, he's inherited more than singing talent from his dad Alan Osmond, the oldest of the performing Osmonds. Like his father, he's fighting M.S. and has previously been in a wheelchair. He performed a mellow version of the Take Six song, "Something Within Me," with a little bit of a country twang. Despite some mild criticism (Paula said he needs to think of himself as a front man and Kara criticized him for all the runs) he received a Golden Ticket to Hollywood. (Check out his home page, the Osmond family site, and his old Geocities site).

Goth chick Tara Matthews had no such famous family connections. She showed up for auditions with dyed red hair, black gloves, a black mini skirt, and thigh-high stockings. While she claims to have ESP, she claimed to have not received a clear read on the audition. If she had, she probably wouldn't have warbled "Some Day I'll Fly Away" from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack in a way reminiscent of The Fly. Then she wouldn't have needed to flip off the camera.

You know how some people carry a lucky rabbit's foot? Well, Chris Kirkham showed up with an entire "good luck rabbit," namely his friend, Greg the Rabbit (a.k.a. Grabbit), who wore a pink Eastern Bunny suit. As if that wasn't enough of an attention getter, Chris also wore a stylized Simon Cowell T-shirt and carried a paper Simon Cowell fan. His rendition of “Roll To Me” by Del Amitri" failed to impress the judges, although Randy said he liked the bunny and Simon accepted a huge bear hug from Greg the Rabbit.

Frankie Jordan, dressed in layered tank tops, jeans and stilettos, proved that all you need is a great voice to capture the judges' attention. A stay-at-home mom, she performed a jazzy version of the Amy Winehouse tune, "You Know I'm No Good" and received four yesses. According to mjsbigblog (WARNING: Site has spoilers), she's also no stranger to the music industry, with a song on the Win a Date with Ted Hamilton soundtrack called “Once Again." You can find a live performance of it at the House of Blues here. You can listen to two more songs on her MySpace page. Also, her song "Good Time" appears on the compilation BYou.

Another mother, this one in the middle of a divorce, Megan Corkrey has a colorful tattoo sleeve on her right arm. Her version of "Can't Help Loving Dat Man" was also a little jazzy, but she talked part of it. Simon liked that she's different, and this was apparently enough to get her a Golden Ticket.

Next up was another geeky guy, Andrew Gibson, who demonstrated a very deep voice but little musical talent when he sang “Oh Let Me Fly” by Harry Belafonte, at the end of which he tried unsuccessfully to go up an octave. The judges told him it wasn't going to fly.

Spiky-haired high school student Austin Sisneros is the senior class president and said he hopes to inspire people to follow their dreams. He sang two songs, "When I Look to the Sky" by Train and "It Takes a Village" by Raffi. Randy criticized his strange song choice. Simon added, "We haven't quite joined the fan club yet." But Randy added that "you've got a voice" and said he likes the perseverance. He got sent to Hollywood with four yesses.

Twenty-four-year-old Jarrett Burns looked pretty old school in a black newsboy cap, white T-shirt and black vest. He sang “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae, impressing the judges, though only a short clip from his audition appeared on the show. His single "This Life" is available on iTunes.

Taylor Vaifanua, 16, started singing in the islands and moved to the mainland in order to pursue a musical career. The 5'11" woman received praise (and four yesses) from the judges for her rendition of the Christian song, "Joyful Joyful." Her CD, Timeless, is available at CD Universe.

Last on the program was Idaho resident Rose Flack, whose father died when she was 13 and whose mother was killed in a car accident two years later. Sporting short dreds and braids, a colorful baggy minidress, and bare feet, the earth child channeled Carole King as she sang "I Feel the Earth Move," demonstrating some potential. She hugged the judges after receiving her Golden Ticket.

Among the strangest briefly shown auditions was Rich Kagel, a hair metal guy with crossed eyes who did a weird thing with his tongue after the judges turned him down. Randy's reply: "Next!"

Tonight: New York and Puerto Rico. Next week: Hollywood, baby!

A lucky rabbit might get you an audition, but it can't get you a Golden Ticket.

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