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Snow Pics

We got a couple of inches of snow last night. While it wasn't an incredible amount, it was the most we've had this season. Here are a few pics from my morning dog walk.

Una with a Snowy Nose (Click to enlarge)

Una has a snowy nose after sniffing a snowbank.
(Faster-loading version)


Snowy Fence (Click to enlarge)

Snow sits on top of a wooden fence.
(Faster-loading version)


Snowy Lamp (Click to enlarge)

A lawn lamp sports a dome of snow.
(Faster-loading version)


Snowy Branches (Click to enlarge)

Light layers of snow blanket these tree branches, viewed from below
(Faster-loading version)


Snowy Post (Click to enlarge)

This fence post looks very much like a wig stand, with snow hair.
(Faster-loading version)

Even a little snow is photogenic.

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