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Pulled Out of the Fire

Enough votes came in for me on Sunday to render me safe once more in therealljidol, so thank you to everyone who supported me. I am now in the top 19, out of an initial field of almost 200. I am humbled and amazed.

Full disclosure: Last week, I knew it was a risk to write a piece that was more cerebral, more of a tutorial about lucid dreaming than a piece that would move people emotionally. Still, my rule in this contest has been to write about the first idea that really speaks to me, that gets me excited. And apparently, enough people shared my interest that they voted for me. Thank you!

This week's dual topics (I almost wrote "duel") are "Achilles Heel" and "Scapegoat." Last night, in a fit of inspiration, while watching the Oscars, I wrote a rough draft of an entry based on the topic "Scapegoat." It's based on a couple fragments I wrote earlier, expanded into a full piece. Since I have other things I want to post today, I'll revise it and put it up tomorrow. I'm hoping that people will connect with it better than they did with last week's piece, but regardless, I'm proud of it and can't wait to share it.
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