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Wild Violet Update

The new issue of Wild Violet is finally online! The focus of the long-awaited new issue, Vol. VII Issue 3 (Linked Lives) is relationships, and our contributors explore relationships ranging from family to lovers to co-workers, neighbors and more.

In this issue, you'll find:

Fiction by Marilyn Whitehorse, T. Richard Williams, Sara Siegel, William Gladstone, Arlene Mandell, Anna Sykora, Richard Paul Skinner, Wayne Scheer, Erin O'Riordan, Farha Hasan, Janet Amalia Weinberg, Zenobia Rose Love, Rick McQuiston, Russell H. Krauss and Sean MacKendrick;

Poetry by Louis McKee, Tanya Pilumeli, Leland Jamieson, William Doreski, Suzanne Harvey, Daniel Wilcox, Kathryn Nevin, Roger Desy, Steve De France, Earl Coleman, Courtney Bambrick, John D. Robinson, Lindsey Gail Ronfeldt, Lyn Lifshin and Benjamin Heins;

Essays by Melissa Hoffman, Jon Baldwin, Joan Schonbeck and John Joyce

Coverage of the Zagreb and Sarajevo film festivals by Rada Djurica;
Humor by Michael McWey, Barry C. Davis, Farha Hasan, Barry G. Gale, Kathryn Jacobs and R.S. Lindsay;

Cuttings by Michael Morell, Michael Ceraolo, Athena Greenspan, Sue Ellis, Susan Palmer and M. Alice;

Interviews with poets D.C. Chambial, Christopher Rollason and Ludmila Volná; film director Mike Leigh; screenwriter/film directors Charlie Kaufman and Sharon Maguirem; and film producer Andy Peterson;

Reviews of a concert and several films;

And Art by Noah Erkes, Mary Ann Reilly, Marilyn Whitehorse, Phil Volk, and Allison Healy.

Thank you for all the e-mails expressing concern over whether Wild Violet was still publishing. This issue ran into numerous production delays, for which I profusely apologize.

Contest Winners to Be Announced in Spring Issue

The judges are making their final selections, and the Wild Violet contest winners will be announced and published in conjunction with the Spring issue.

Wild Violet Redesign Under Construction

With the help of our new Web designer (who also happens to be my husband), Wild Violet will soon have a new look and more interactivity.

Details are still being worked out, but the new design will allow for a Wild Violet community, which should include options such as reader feedback, arts bulletins, and regular content which will appear between issues.

Wild Violet is currently looking for volunteer bloggers to write about art, music, writing, film, theater, or any other aspect of the creative arts. If you're interested, please write a short cover letter to and include some writing samples. At this point, bloggers will not be paid but will receive exposure to a wide audience.

If you have any ideas about things that Wild Violet should include in the redesign, please e-mail As a response to some prior comments, let me assure you that we will continue to include graphics for each piece, but the number of graphics per each piece will probably be smaller, which will expedite our production process.

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