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Double the Pressure, Double the Fun!

I am more than a little surprised to be still standing in that online writing contest at therealljidol. Thank you all!

This round will be even more challenging than the last. We've got to write TWO pieces on TWO topics, "The End of My Rope" and "Current Events," where we're supposed to write about an online news article.

I've already got an idea for "The End of My Rope," but if anyone has any suggestions for interesting news articles, please share!

Oh, and I've got until 8 p.m. Monday to write both of them. Whee!

(Can you tell that I stayed up late watching My Fair Lady and got up early to have breakfast with my husband, The Gryphon? Just a wee bit loopy today, I am, guvnor.)
Tags: lj idol, writing

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