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Dear Scientists: Please Work on This Technology

After driving The Gryphon to work this morning (he missed his train), I came home and slept some more. I dreamt some unfocused dreams about American Idol, since I'd just written about it. Then I had a dream about a new form of technology: a Remote Cat Petting Technology that would allow you to pet your cat long distance.

You would upload an image of your cat into a directory and then search through the directory for the cat you wanted to pet. When you clicked on it, a holographic image of the cat would sit in your lap, and you could pet it. The hologram felt just like a cat, but it was transparent. I think that the actual cat could also feel you petting it.

Possible interpretation:

My kitty, Luke, was lying near me purring, which probably caused me to dream this. I've also dreamt a lot about technology recently. Not sure why, except that many of my relationships seem to incorporate it in some respect any more.
Tags: dreams, gryphon, luke, pets, technology

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