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Spring Bouquet

For the last couple of weeks, I've been taking photos of the flowers that have sprung up in my neighborhood. First were the crocuses and other early blooms. More recently, it's daffodils and tulips.

Spring Crocuses (Click to enlarge)

A patch of purple crocuses
(Faster-loading version)


White Leucojum (Click to enlarge)

I believe this is a Leucojum, at least
according to this flower identification guide
(Faster-loading version)


Red Tulip (Click to enlarge)

A red tulip in front of our house.
(Faster-loading version)


Cherry Blossoms (Click to enlarge)

I believe these are cherry blossoms.
(Faster-loading version)


Daffodils (Click to enlarge)

Daffodils in front of a local church.
(Faster-loading version)


Una Sniffing Daffodils (Click to enlarge)

Una sniffs some daffodils.
(Faster-loading version)


Mystery Tree (Click to enlarge)

This could be either a Chorisia or a Magnolia, I think.
(Faster-loading version)


Red Cherry Blossom? (Click to enlarge)

The best I can surmise, this is
a vivid pink (almost red) cherry blossom.
(Faster-loading version)


Purple Wildflower (Click to enlarge)

I used to see these all the time, growing up
in Central Pennsylvania. I can't identify it,
even through a thorough web search. Anyone?
(Faster-loading version)

Flowers don't always give up their names easily.

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