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NaPoWriMo: Day 18

I am participating in National Poetry Writing Month, where the goal is to write one poem a day for 30 days. During the month of April, I will be using the writing prompts at and posting the results.

Day eighteen prompt (word salad)

Remember your 50 words? Haul them out, we’re going to mix up a little word salad! The recipe is easy: cut up your list (you should have 50 bite-sized pieces), place the pieces in a bowl, pull out single words or handfuls to taste, arrange on the page.

Variations: garnishes (modifiers) such as “as” “and” “the” “I” etc. … may be added; arrange in couplets; use all of your ingredients to write a poem using your own recipe.

Da Da Da - The History of Rock 'n' Roll

The daughter of a Maryland
Pentecostal minister, Lyle
Lovett hovered on the verge
of mainstream acceptance. He seemed unstoppable
from exhaustion when, in 1995, with Crosby's
encouragement, Single played
in the background —
nothing. The ensuing confusion
was a disco hit. The group has had
37 Top 40 singles but
parted ways in 1991.

Young Americans Jane Fonda
and Katharine Hepburn became Television
and occasionally acted. In 1995 they got
rave reviews in Safari,
U.K. Critics' darlings
but poor sellers, they changed their name
to Black Oak Arkansas. From big band to classic
rock in the Netherlands, by October, they had reached
Beckenham, England.

Barry was best known
for his wild, manic
stage manner, modeled after James Brown's
drums, which became popular in Boston.
Beatin' the Odds provided the blueprint
for the subsequent Ratrospective.
It represented a return to Cooke's roots:
Johnnie Taylor's gritty soul vocals.

Simmons became
a stockbroker. However, the company
closed down in 2000 due to
Shelter's incompetence.
On top of it all, Presley opposed
tax shelters on principle.
Iglesias studied law.
Marvin Gaye planned
a vacation from music. Death
was termed accidental.

I took a slightly different route, picking phrases from random out of The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock 'n' Roll. The phrases were picked by closing my eyes and pointing randomly at a page. I typed all the phrases into a Word document as I went and then, when I figured I had enough, moved them around and played with line breaks. I occasionally changed very tenses, prepositions, or pronouns to make it work.

Randomosity rules.

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