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Results of Twitter Update Poll

In a previous entry, I had asked whether people wanted me to add my tweets to my blog, and the response was overwhelmingly against it. So no worries: I will not add that.

One change that I hope people will enjoy: I created a set of Alice in Wonderland-based icons for my LiveJournal, replacing most of the icons that used photos of myself. The exceptions are my default picture, of Una kissing me, as well as the image of me bellydancing and the close-up of my eye with the dilated pupile. I love all of those. You'll probably still see them quite a bit. I'll also still be using most of the wonderful icons that sara_merry99 made me earlier this year.

Below the cut are a couple pictures I couldn't turn into icons, because when they I tried to crop portions of them to 100X100 pixels, they lost their magic. Feel free to use them if you'd like. I couldn't find a photo credit for either of them.

Tags: livejournal, polls, web sites

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