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The Documentary Thief: Conclusion

Now, another update. On Thursday, I had a DVD stolen from my car, Born into Brothels, a title which was suffiently enticing to find itself in the hands of some unknown thief, instead of in my admittedly unlocked car. I suspect the teens who were skateboarding nearby, but I've got no proof. So one minute I was unloading groceries, and then 20 minutes later, I was flushing beet red from embarrassment as I called the local the video store and then, on their advice, the police to report the petty theft.

This morning was the first day since the incident that the manager was scheduled to be in the store, so I headed there after my morning workout at the gym. I explained the situation, repeated my story to her, and gave her the police report number and the officer's name. After she did quite a lot of typing into the system (probably about what an absent-minded twit I was), she declared, "All taken care of."

Sure enough, I returned home, logged onto and saw that the movie was no longer considered to be in my possession. This means I can go back to having three movies at a time, under the terms of my rental agreement, and the next one on my list (ironically enough, the pickpocket-heavy Oliver!), is already winging its way to me. Huzzah.
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