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Progress Report: Week of April 27

I'm going to be tracking my progress in certain areas (career, fitness, house/organization) in order to help myself to work towards those goals.


• Checked out a potential publisher (Pecan Grove Press) for my poetry manuscript. Learned they're not accepting manuscripts at this time
• Wrote five poems (as part of National Poetry Writing Month).
• Checked out two literary magazines (Vanitas and Keane Review) as potential markets for poetry. Vanitas only takes pieces from non-writers (!); Keane might be for New Jersey writers only (will check). Had picked up these mags in the bookstore last fall because they caught my eye.
• Got suggestions for who to interview as a third clergy person for a wedding-planning article.


• Began "camera-phone diet," photographing all the food I eat, in order to help keep me accountable.
• Worked out to DDR Monday through Thursday. Walked dog once or twice a day. Got some exercise from cleaning.
• Took weight and measurements on Thursday. Weight up 0.4 from last week (or essentially the same). Measurements: up 1/4 inch at waist, up 1/2 inch on hips, down 1/4 inch on thigh.


• Did a thorough cleaning in advance of my dad's visit: cleaned bathroom, mopped floors, vacuumed, laundered table cloths, dealt with clutter.
• Went through several stacks of papers and mail that had accumulated, some of which I had actually bagged up and put out of sight during a previous visit from a family member! Went through accordian file of important papers and removed those that I no longer need, which I will shred this week.
Tags: career, health & fitness, organization, resolutions

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