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The Documentary Thief: Postscript

I wrote previously about the DVD, Born into Brothels, that was stolen out of my car while I was unloading groceries. I'd had to report the theft to the local police in order for Blockbuster to accept that I no longer had the video in my possession.

Or at least, that's what I thought.

This morning I was taking out the recycling. For the first time in about a month, it was actually not raining on recycling day, so I could put the newspapers and magazines out. Imagine my surprise, as I transferring the newspapers from a paper bag into the township's blue plastic container, to discover the prodigal DVD.

Here's what I believe happened: I brought the DVD in and set it on the table with the groceries. Something caused it to fall into the bag (a prankster ghost? a shifting of the tectonic plates?). Then, when I grabbed the mail, I tossed a grocery store circular into the recycling bag, unknowingly covering up the DVD!

The funny thing is that, if I weren't so weird about wanting to reuse the same bag (it's got handles and is perfect for collecting newspapers), I would have placed the whole bag in the container and never been the wiser.

Of course, I immediately called the police and told them it had been found, then returned it to the store. The clerk was amused.

The irony is, guess which video I'd just finished watching, having rented it through, and was returning today? Born Into Brothels!
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