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Progress Report: Week of May 11

I'm going to be tracking my progress in certain areas (career, fitness, house/organization) in order to help myself to work towards those goals.

M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday, Sa. = Saturday, Su. = Sunday


• Put together submission for Philadelphia Stories.


• Dog walk (M - 45 minutes, T - 45 minutes, W - 35 minutes, F - 40 minutes, Su. - 45 minutes); DDR (M - 20 minutes, T - 45 minutes, W - 30 minutes, R - 30 minutes); Weight Lifting (T - upper body).
• Weight and measurements (W): down 1.6 pounds; neck, down 1/4 inch; chest, down 1/2 inch.
• Reduced snacking through "camera-phone diet."


• Sent out a press release announcing Kanon Wakeshima as a musical guest.
• Approved 10 press relations requests for credentials.
• Worked on two additional press releases.
• Communicated with fellow staffers about logistical concerns.
• Contacted all press who had yet to complete second half of application process.
• Looked into the possibility of using a press release service.
• Copied CDs of 2008 coverage received from press to give to Otakon archives.


• Completed and ordered wedding photo book from Kodak Gallery (1 1/2 years after our wedding!)
Tags: career, health & fitness, otakon, resolutions, wedding

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