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LJ Idol - Best of Season Five - Week Three

I got a bit distracted, but I'm going to try to get back to this project. Here are my favorites from Week Three of therealljidol, where the topic was "A Moment of Bliss."

At this point in the game, we still had northwards of 160 participants. Here are the 38 I liked the best.
A clever recipe for happiness.
Three vignettes of father-daughter love.
Vivid description of a much-needed massage.
Remembrances of a Grateful Dead show.
A mother recalls a different kind of birth experience.
A story of a special family moment.
Confessions of a secret dalliance. Funny!
A familiar sound unlocks cherished memories.
Mother and daughter share a moment amidst a chaotic day.
A quiet moment leads to spiritual reflection.
A magical retelling of a magic moment.
A darker look at bliss, through a fictional tale.
A moving story about bonding through theater.
My tale of newfound marital bliss.
An unexpected moment of freedom.
About the difference between a public face and private reflection.
A stolen moment of bliss in the workplace.
Memories of viewing a meteor shower with his family.
The show must go on, despite all obstacles for this play.
Finding bliss in a mother's hug.
A detailed story about connecting with her guide dog.
A feeling of accomplishment from tackling a physical challenge.
The author challenges herself and succeeds.
Greeting the day with strong coffee.
A tasty description of her first souffle.
Letting go of the dark realities of her job.
A personal reflection on a moment at once scary and calming.
Book lovers will identify with this short piece.
A very funny piece about a Murphy's Law scenario.
Savoring a favorite dish at a favorite restaurant.
Finding a quiet moment of calm in a busy life.
Returning to the city and finding a sense of home.
Enjoying a bubble bath.
A retelling of a dark folk tale.
Feeling the joy of speed on a motorcycle.
Stealing a peaceful moment before the work day.
Remembering a blissful time that no longer exists.
Reflections on what causes bliss.
A magical first day at work on the happiest place on earth.
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