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LJ Idol - Best of Season Five - Week Four

I am sharing my favorites from season 5 of therealljidol.

"I Think I Thought You Were Someone Else" (Mistaken Identity)

Out of 151 contestants, here are my favorite 31.

I should note that I was only able to include ones that were visible to me, either because they are still viewable by the public or because they were on my friends list. I apologize if you have trouble accessing any of these links.
Being mistaken for a rude friend, much to his chagrin.
A funny and enlightening look at the challenge of cooking for the blind author.
A moment in a diner, interspersed with scenes from a famous film.
Humorous story about wearing a mask on the Internet.
Facing cultural assumptions with strength.
An author channels her muses to work on her novel.
No, she and her sister are not twins.
A woman's inner nature, revealed in a dream.
A beautiful litany for a special friend.
First impressions aren't always correct.
A dark short story of poetic justice.
Strangers see the potential in a struggling actress.
My brother is mistaken for someone famous.
A witty satirical piece about personal and political misconceptions.
A fictional piece about a famous ancestor.
Viewing a family through the eyes of the author's teacher.
What would you do if you were unjustly accused of theft?
A funny story. Short and sweet.
A naughty story, with a twist (NSFW).
The author imagines the life story of a stranger.
A multi-layered story that is both vivid and concise.
Comparison between the author and his father.
An elderly relative mistakes the author for someone else.
A darkly humorous short fiction piece.
A look at abuse from the abuser's viewpoint.
A funny story about a celebrity crush.
The author's sister fails to register with a family friend.
A funny revelation, upon discovering his doppleganger.
The author's father meets an old acquaintance... or not.
A well-argued political piece about a prominent woman politician and feminism.
An open letter to someone special.
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