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LJ Idol - Best of Season Five - Week Five

Best of Week 5

Open Topic. (Anything the contestants choose to write about)

Of 143 contestants, these were the 54 I liked best. This week especially, people took creative approaches that I found refreshing and enjoyable. I think this was one of the strongest weeks of the competition.

Again, I only included entries I could read. If they were friend-locked or the journals have been deleted, I could not include them. I apologize if you have trouble viewing any of the friend-locked links below.
A plea on behalf of gay marriage.
Pondering language and censorship, with some humor for good measure.
A funny, sweet and touching comic.
A vignette about coping with death.
Stream-of-consciousness ponderings about Santa Clause and the author's father.
A root canal and a celebrity encounter, at the same time!
God works in mysterious ways in this funny, revealing story.
The author shares his personal experiences with astronauts.
A fictional piece that keeps the reader guessing.
Who could love working at a helpline? This author could.
A fan's reflections on the rock band Queen.
A puppet master explains the joy of his art.
A funny story about frustration at Starbucks.
The pluses and minuses of being in a wheelchair.
Insight into the practice of Reiki.
My thoughts on dogs as poets of life.
Tale of a persistent plant.
Taking a good look at her neighborhood.
A free-wheeling piece blending poetry and narrative.
A sad family story told with rich detail.
The author's tribute to her father.
A cute story about learning about the birds and the bees.
A playful vocabulary exercise.
To be or not to be like Lassie.
The symbolism of a pharmacist donning her white coat.
An edge-of-your-seat story about a terrifying experience.
An origin myth about totem animals.
For this author, the birthday curse is real.
Reflections on a wedding anniversary and motherhood.
A heart-warming story about finding friendship at camp.
Remembering her hometown, and painting it for the reader.
Some deep thoughts on the nature of God.
Sad story from a military emergency room.
Dealing with a personal demon.
Explaining blindness to those who can see.
A personal journey, told through perfume.
Finding a lifelong canine friend.
A tightly-written, compelling view inside a junkie's brain.
A simple gesture can mean a lot to the lonely.
An essay exploring the complexity of diversity.
Terribly funny piece about an aggravating experience.
A moving tale of institutional red tape and compassion.
Sometimes asking questions only leads to more mystery.
Age is only a state of mind, until an unexpected reflection.
Part one of a tag-team entry. Deliberately overwrought.
Part two of the tag-team entry. Hilarious!
For some experiences, there are no words.
A sweet story about her nana's accidental participation in a pride parade.
An informative essay about killer bees.
An entertaining primer on making cloth diapers.
A short tale of synchronicity.
How to tell when you're not meant for each other.
A funny, engaging tale of finding love.
Musings on the differences between living in Germany and in Britain.

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