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Letter Meme

A friend from college, friscokitty, started a meme, where she posted 10 things she loved, starting with the letter "L," as suggested by her husband.

She suggested that if anyone else wanted to do something similar, they should respond to her entry, and she would suggest a letter for them to use. Anyone who would like to join in, reply to this, and I'll give you a letter to create your own list.

I was game, so I replied, and she gave me the letter "M." I did some brainstorming while walking our doggie, Una, and came up with my list.

  1. My husband (Those who know him know why I had to include him.)
  2. Mom
  3. Music
  4. Movies
  5. Mousse
  6. Mountains
  7. Monkeys
  8. Massages
  9. Muppets
  10. Meditation

Honorable mentions:

Moose, Milk, Marshmallows, Maple Syrup, Mail, Moisturizer, Moon

M is for Mmmmm.


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