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Found Homie

I haven't shared any found items in a while, and while I like to do them on Fridays (Found Fridays), this seems like a good time to share. Since I have a lot to get done today, I'm going to share just one found item, rather than several.

This is a note I found, torn into three pieces but easily restored to a readable form. I felt that it stands on its own: telling a little story. You can get a sense of who the writer is, who his friend might be, their approximate ages and their attitudes about love, family, and responsibility.

The note, in all its original fractured glory, reads:

What's poping big Homie? Well everythings all & all with me and the family. But just to let you no that was not my fault I called your mom thursday, Friday and I called your brother. But I'm going to come up there by myself. Oh yea did the chick tell you I called? Because I called her and she said that she was coming to see you to and I said well I'm coming to take some pictures and she told me she will see me on Sunday. But I got a new chick for you so hold tight. I still need a conect (?) I'm really fuck up out here and I really need you so can you please find someone now! And I'm about to leave my baby mom cause she's trying to play me like a fucking sucker so fuck her I'll take care of mind.

Found Homie

Upon reading this, a number of questions popped into my mind, namely:

  1. Is his "homie" really the pope?

  2. How is it NOT his fault that he made a phone call? Did someone else dial the number and then force him to speak?

  3. What sort of pictures is he going to be taking? Candid photography? You know, nudge nudge, wink wink?

  4. How many chicks does his friend need?

  5. What's the connection between needing his friend and finding him a chick? Is their friendship conditional on the letter writer providing chicks?

  6. Wait, he's got a child already? How exactly is his "baby mom" trying to play him for a sucker? Perhaps by expecting him to pitch in for the care of his baby?

I suppose I'll never know the answers to this questions, unless one day I find a sequel.

You can learn a lot about someone from one rambling paragraph.

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