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Progress Report: Week of May 25

I'm tracking my progress in certain areas (career, fitness, house/organization, Otakon, Wild Violet) in order to help myself to work towards goals.

M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday, Sa. = Saturday, Su. = Sunday

• Bought copies of several literary magazines to determine what I might send them.
• Read through issues of Poetry and The Sun.

• Dog walk (M - 35 minutes, T - 35 minutes, W - 35 minutes, R - 35 minutes); DDR (R - 45 minutes); walking (F - @ 70 minutes, Sa. - @ 240 minutes, Su. - @180 minutes).
• Weight: up 1 pound (W). Measurements: bicep down 1/4 inch, chest down 1/2 inch (after a one-week bounce of up 1/2 inch), hips down 1/4 inch. Building muscle!
• Bought new pants for summer. I had an easier time than last time I shopped.

• Backed up all personal files on computer, including photos.

• Worked on press release for another guest.
• Worked on press packet.
• Registered more members of press.

Wild Violet
• Did rundown for next issue.
Tags: career, health & fitness, organization, otakon, resolutions, wild violet
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