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Found Tropical Friends

As regular readers know, I like to share items that I find while walking my doggie, Una. I found today's item on the sidewalk just a couple houses down from my own, and it immediately caught my eye. Lying on the sidewalk, face up, on a bright afternoon, it looked like an otherworldly scene, perhaps of four angels floating in a cloudy paradise.

Upon closer examination, the photo turned out to be four young men, all of African heritage (perhaps actually Africans), wearing loose white shirts and linking arms in a crowded area surrounded by palm trees. Because of water damage at the top of the photo, the trees appear to disappear into a white mist.

Found - Tropical Friends

(Faster-loading version)

The photo has no information written on it, and there is no date of development on the photo paper, only the photo paper's water mark: "Konica Minolta, Long Life 100." These young men are clearly friends, and the two on the left side of the photo resemble each other closely enough to possibly be brothers. They may be relatives of someone in my neighborhood, since there are a number of people here from the West Indies.

Whoever they are, their easy smiles were a balm on a busy day.

Angels lurk in accidental water damage.

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