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So often, as I write about the day-to-day events and pop cultural reviews, I forget about the little things that enrich my life.

Flowering Bush (Click to enlarge)

A flowering bush

(Faster-loading version

Here are a few of the things that made me smile recently.

  • Crawling into bed in the wee hours, after watching So You Think You Can Dance? on the DVR. My husband, The Gryphon, slipping an arm easily around me in sleep, an instinctual reaction.

  • The smell of honeysuckle on the vine while walking my doggie, Una.

  • Old friends contacting me through Facebook. Engaging in daily communications with them, long distance.

  • Crossing things off my ridiculously ambitious list of things to do.

  • Veruca Salt, becaue they sing beautiful ballads but they also rock out, and they love Bowie.

  • Reading about the daily exploits of my friends and viewing photos that make me feel like I've experienced their happy moments with them.

  • Watching a new trainer at the YMCA, working gently and with great patience with a boy of about 12, who's never before worked out.

  • Noticing the changes in my neighborhood as spring gives way to summer. Photographing flowers.

  • A brief conversation with my next-door neighbor, one of the sweetest women on the planet. When she moves, I will miss her.

  • Taking a "petting break" to pet my dog and cat.

It's important to notice the little things.

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