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Feedback Sought for New Writing Project

My friend srothman3 (a.k.a. The World Traveler) and I have been talking for months about writing a book together. Since she's in New York and I'm in Philly, I suggested a good way to work on it would be via an LJ community. That way we could also seek feedback from peers.

The moderated community is permatemp, because the working title of the book is The Permanent Temp. So far, I've posted a plot summary as well as the first few entries.

The book will be told as a series of blog entries, told from the perspective of Julia, a 32-year-old perpetual temp. In college, she changed her major several times before finally completing a bachelor's degree in English. Since then, she's been living in New York City, where she's taken a series of jobs, never staying more than a year at any of them. For years, she attributed this to being a typical, directionless Gen X-er, but as her friends and peers have moved on to high paying jobs, marriage and children, she's feeling more and more dissatisfied. The book will trace her progress towards finding stability.

In this community, we are seeking feedback from selected friends and peers. Everything will be posted in a rough draft form, not necessarily in order. We welcome critiques on how to improve, as well as stories about similar life experiences. Those who contribute meaningful ideas will be acknowledged in the preface.
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