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Sometimes I don't have a coherent idea to write about, so here are a few random musings.

Una on Clean Sheets (Click to enlarge)

Una loves lying on freshly-laundered sheets.

(Faster-loading version)

  • Walking Una this morning, the sidewalk was glinting in the morning sun. Little flecks of glass or metal in the cement resembled stars captured in concrete.

  • The strange workings of memory. I have been sharing some artifacts of my past through my Memory Box series. This involves reading old journals and letters. It's interesting to read them and think about what I don't remember: like a boy I'd had a crush on in fifth grade, or driving the nature director to the emergency room while I was a counselor at the summer camp. She'd injured herself coughing too hard. You'd think I'd remember that. Sometimes, I deliberately didn't write about things I didn't want to remember. In some cases, all this did was confine those memories to my internal Memory Box. In other cases, they seem obliterated entirely, and I might, if I'm lucky, remember, "Here, I left something out."

  • I am a bit distracted this morning by family issues. Due to my long-standing policy of protecting people's privacy on personal matters, I'm not going to go into details just now. All I ask is that you keep my family in your prayers and thoughts. I will provide at least a cryptic update when there's a resolution.

  • Reading through my weekly progress list yesterday, I was astounded to discover that, even though I didn't feel I'd accomplished much that week, I'd achieved something in each of my categories. Go me!

  • Just because you like one movie by a director doesn't mean you'll like another. My husband and I watched The Way of the Gun this weekend, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who also directed The Usual Suspects. While I thought The Usual Suspects was creative and intriguing, I found The Way of the Gun to be violent and depressing, save for one standout: a low-speed car chase. Yes, you read that right.

  • Why is it that you can leave a house that smells perfectly fine, and you come back to discover it smells like the litter box, or like garbage? Those darn stink elves, stinking up the house while I'm out!

My mind is constantly filled with random ponderings.

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