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LJ Idol - Best of Season Five - Week Eight

Best of LJ Idol - Week 8

Topic: Sit Down and Shut Up - Ranting LJ style

Of 109 contestants; my 34 favorites. This week, people really let loose!

Again, I only included entries I could read. If they were friend-locked or the journals have been deleted, I could not include them. I apologize if you have trouble viewing any of the friend-locked links below.
The evils of "woe-offs."
It's her journal, and she can say what she wants.
Setting some things straight with a father-daughter relatioonship.
The best and worst thing about the holidays: family.
A sermon on the temptations of the cell phone (amen!)
Speechless in the face of witnessing irrational anger.
The author defends her favorite holiday.
Don't you hate when responsibilities get in the way of relaxation?
A pointed and funny political rant.
Every LJ service announcement you've ever read, with comments.
A series of open letters. Very funny.
Pet peeves of a blind person.
A public service announcement for the humanity impaired.
Shut up shutting up, already! A series of open letters.
A brief history of LJ ranting.
A blood donor recruiter is frustrated by an outdated policy.
A news item elicits a pointed response.
No, her service animal is not your toy, and she's not your child's babysitter.
A creative approach: ranting from an inanimate object.
A rant against ranting.
Pull up your darn pants!
Driving stress turns a shopping trip into a chore.
Confessions of a hippie.
An A to Z of things the author hates. Something to offend everyone!
Men and women's guide to avoiding miscommunication.
How to post an LJ rant.
A series of pet peeves.
Sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Just a few things that upset the author.
Let her count the ways she dislikes telemarketers.
Very funny list of pet peeves.
You're a nice person, just a horrible teacher.
A guide to how to rant properly.
Tired, sickened and appalled by homophobia.
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