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LJ Idol - Best of Season Five - Week Nine

Best of LJ Idol - Week 9

Topic: Unprepared

Of 98 contestants; my 40 favorites.

Again, I only included entries I could read. If they were friend-locked or the journals have been deleted, I could not include them. I apologize if you have trouble viewing any of the friend-locked links below.
Unexpectedly getting just the family she wanted.
Regrets at always running from important decisions.
One night, and the course of her life changes.
Remembering her father's final days.
Saying good-bye to a special canine companion.
Coping with her mother's fatal illness.
Three short vignettes, all about military funerals.
Dealing with the tragic recent loss of her husband.
A melancholy poem about childhood dreams.
The author gets bad news from her bank.
A resolution of sorts to overcome disorganization.
A recurring nightmare sets up a funny story.
I exorcise my inner elephants and embrace my inner trucker.
Discovering his singing talent is appreciated by others.
Facing the realities of motherhood for the first time.
A heartbreakingly honest inside view of being a prison counselor.
A broadcast student's first press conference with a celebrity.
Thoughtful essay on how unpreparedness is our natural state.
Living in the path of a hurricane.
The day the author got 130 bee stings.
A moving piece about eavesdropping on the lives of strangers.
Coping with the recent loss of his father.
A hilarious story about the questions her kids ask.
The unexpected rewards and drawbacks of being a librarian.
In an ice storm, being unprepared is both a blessing and a curse.
A creative essay on a fictional historic figure.
Learning from the experiences of pregnancy and motherhood.
The much-beloved "blue fairy" story.
Coming back to America from overseas.
A vivid look at the progression of drug abuse.
The author is prepared for everything, including vampires.
No one is prepared for an upsetting medical diagnosis.
Feeling the impact of her mother's death.
Some things you can never be ready for.
Her family responds to unpleasant news.
Cooking by the seat of the pants.
It was love at first purr.
Are you prepared to fight for your political beliefs?
A funny look at motherhood.
An in-depth look at the poetry writing process.
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