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LJ Idol - Best of Season Five - Week Ten

Best of LJ Idol - Week 10

Topic: You're So Vain You Probably Think This Topic's About You

Of 94 contestants; my 26 favorites. This topic was a rough one for people, myself included, which is why I did not include my own.

Again, I only included entries I could read. If they were friend-locked or the journals have been deleted, I could not include them. I apologize if you have trouble viewing any of the friend-locked links below.
An open letter to her friends list.
Thanking a friend for inspiring her.
A short piece about a troublesome office mate.
An open letter that doubles as an intervention.
Once upon time there was a self-absorbed blogger named Prince$$.
An empowering piece for large women.
Channeling his inner voice(s).
An open letter to someone who keeps others at a distance.
Memories of a yellow dress spark reflections on perceptions of the author.
Reasons the author wants to become a teacher.
A story of a relationship with a very vain man.
A very funny open letter to SF fans.
Admirers abound in response to an obscure post.
A teenage misunderstanding leads to paranoia.
A family member responds to a writer's writing efforts.
Another laugh-out-loud entry, about miscommunication on blogs.
A series of open letters from a perpetual confidant.
An open letter to a negative force in the author's life.
A brief open letter, filled with metaphor and imagery.
The author finally tells some people how she feels.
A moving piece about responding to a terminated pregnancy.
A clever FAQ on Mr. Bidness.
A revealing look at mental illness and how it affects her.
Coming to terms with imperfection.
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.
Reflections on being Chinese in America.
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