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LJ Idol - Best of Season Five - Week Eleven

Best of LJ Idol - Week 11

Topic: Sexual Healing

Of 90 contestants; my 37 favorites. Be warned that a number of these are NSFW or might trigger those with concerns about sexual assault/rape. I was impressed by how fearless and creative people were.

Again, I only included entries I could read. If they were friend-locked or the journals have been deleted, I could not include them. I apologize if you have trouble viewing any of the friend-locked links below.
A steamy, intimate encomium for a lover.
Remembering someone who made an impact on her.
An honest look at the impact of a medical condition.
A practical guide to polyamory.
Some insight into the classic Marvin Gaye song.
Memories of her physician grandfather.
A clever advice column, with real questions from her friends list.
I come to terms with my sexuality, after growing up in a repressed family.
An erotic story, told from both points of view.
A look at the negative impacts of medication on a love life.
Bonding with a friend leads to a sticky situation.
Why it makes no sense to say, "Not now; I have a headache."
A fictional news story about a brothel and a protest.
A personal relationship, bonded through a love for Marvin Gaye.
An insider's view of the Human Potential Movement.
A tale of abuse and how finding love helped her to heal.
The difficulties of finding love as a blind woman.
How making love is like a particular classic music composition.
Flirtation through book titles. Very clever.
The author sows her wild oats.
And now a word from our sponsors.
Where sex and liberation meet grim reality.
The author is still haunted by an abusive past.
A wickedly engaging fiction piece introducing a recurring character.
A primer to the doctrine of Bewizeology.
Stories of coping with rape. Gave me goose bumps.
An irreverent look at premarital sex and religious belief.
Learning to get past a repressive family history.
Falling into another's arms during a day of national tragedy.
A personal experience that serves as a cautionary tale about safe sex.
The author comes to peace with her physical difference.
A funny approach to depressing news.
Confessions of a seductress.
A fictional look at the Spanish Inquisition and its approach to sexuality.
Coming of age and embracing her sexuality through the fandom community.
A heart-warming look at helping a lover find some healing.
A naughty erotic tale set in church.
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