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Family Pics

For today's Memory Box installment, I'd like to share some old family pics I have on my hard drive. I'm going to see some of them this weekend to celebrate July 4, and I've got to spend most of the day preparing.

Baby Alyce with Parents (Click to enlarge)

(Faster-loading version)

My mom and dad with me as an infant. The red "V" on my forehead is very prominent in this one.
I was probably crying not long before this was taken.


Alyce with Parents at NASA (Click to enlarge)

(Faster-loading version)

My parents pose with me in front of a space suit at a NASA facility.
I believe this was during a trip to Texas, so it would have been the Johnson Space Center.


Alyce and Her Brother on Tricycles (Click to enlarge)

(Faster-loading version)

I've always loved this picture of my brother and I, riding tricycles
in the parking lot at my Dad's office. We look so happy.


Mom with Kids (Click to enlarge)

(Faster-loading version)

My Mom holds my infant baby sister, with my brother and I on either side.
This is one of my favorite pics from my childhood.


Sister with Cheerios (Click to enlarge)

(Faster-loading version)

When I was about 9, Cheerios held a photography contest.
The winning photo would go on their box. I took several photos of my sister,
with the intent of sending it to them, but I don't think I ever did!
I always thought she was very photogenic.


Old pictures bring new smiles.

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