January 16th, 2008

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Just some random thoughts, starting with the debut of season seven — can you believe it? — of American Idol.

The season started with auditions in Philadelphia, which naturally caught my interest. I thought they made the city look good, taking a lot of close-ups, much of it around Penn's Landing and Old City. They even had Benjamin Franklin pop in and say, "Welcome to Philadelphia."

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This week, I didn't see quite as many Resolutionaries in the gym (my name for the newbies who show up every January). Have they given up so soon? I did notice one guy, who found a really creative way to use the shoulder press machine, also known as the military press.

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I'm beginning to make some progress towards my fitness goal, and am just a pound and a half shy, as of today, of where I was on my wedding day (woo!), before our honeymoon splurge in Orlando. Once I reach that weight, I'll be a third of the way towards my goal of 15 pounds weight loss.

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