June 12th, 2008

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From the Republic of Upstairs

The heat of the last week has been intense in the Philadelphia area, and even with air conditioning, my second-floor office is noticeably warmer than the first floor. The first floor also has the better air conditioner, and it's such a stark difference it feels like two different climates.

The Gryphon and I have nicknamed the two regions Downstairslandia and The Republic of Upstairs.

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Kitteh Want Play Wif U!

My Mom is looking for homes for some cats she's been feeding and providing with medical care, since she can no longer keep all of them. Today is the last one, and she's the youngest. Mom is also looking for homes for Shadow, Mickey and Melvin.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please let me know. These cats really need your help!

    Hopalong Cassidy (Click to enlarge)

Name: Hopalong Cassidy
Age: 1 year
Spayed with all shots

Affectionate little Hopalong Cassidy earned her name from her playful, active nature. She is still very kittenish.

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