July 17th, 2008

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Glad I Don't Live in 1400

Found this quiz thanks to systris:

Your result for The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test...

The Lady

You scored 18% Cardinal, 49% Monk, 59% Lady, and 49% Knight!

Chaste and pure, you are a good person. You try to help others and do your duty to your family. However, this duty involves you being sold off to a local noble house in order to cement relations between your families. But you know it's for a greater good, and besides you will retain all the comforts and glamour of your position regardless of if you're your father's or you husband's property.

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Hot and Bothered

As I mentioned a short while ago, the air conditioner in Moondancer, my 2002 Ford Focus, has been getting progressively less efficient, to the point that it's just blowing warm air. I'd been putting off taking it to the shop, since it's such a hassle, but The Gryphon reminded me Otakon is coming up, which requires several hours in the car, both ways, during the hottest part of the summer. So I finally relented.

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