August 12th, 2008

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Prelude to Otakon

This past weekend was the 15th annual Otakon, the Japanese animation and culture convention in Baltimore, and as we've done for many years before, The Gryphon and I both served as staff.

He was second in command for the industry section, which serves as a liaison between major industry guests and the rest of the convention. I served on the press relations staff, which serves as a liaison between the press, the guests and the convention in general.

First, I want to say how impressed I was this weekend with how well the staff worked together. I saw so many instances of people who weren't even supposed to be stationed in a certain area, weren't even supposed to be working in a given department. Yet, if they passed by and saw a problem, they either pitched in or put out a call for help. I am really proud to be part of an organization that can work together so smoothly for the enjoyment and safety of everyone.

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