August 27th, 2008

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I'd Be Down with That

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Sofia Coppola

Your film will be 61% romantic, 22% comedy, 26% complex plot, and a $ 33 million budget.

With few films under her belt (The Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation, Marie Antoinette) as a writer/director, she's already highly respected and connected -- her dad, Francis, directed all The Godfather movies and Apocolypse Now. Sofia's good at making the romantic drama that is your life with poignant sullen moments of introspection. You saw how she stylishly handled Marie Antoinette's life, no? And who didn't have at least a lump in the throat at the end of Lost In Translation? She's already won one Academy Award for her writing, now she'll be the first woman to receive one for directing -- YOUR FILM!

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Drinking Dangers

As part of my effort to watch all the movies that have received the Oscar for Best Picture, I watched The Lost Weekend, the 1945 winner, directed by Billy Wilder and starring Ray Milland and Jane Wyman.

The film tells the story of an alcoholic who goes on a weekend-long bender, finding himself sinking to new lows. While at times it is melodramatic, the movie is a stark portrayal of the realities of alcoholism.

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