September 22nd, 2008

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Inflatable Salvation

Welcome to the readers who have joined me due to the Real LJ Idol competition. When I'm not participating in a challenge, here's what I normally write about: on Mondays and sometimes Tuesdays, I write about whatever happened over the weekend. Because I work at home and talk to practically nobody but my pets and my husband during the week, my weekend life provides more interesting material. If I go away (or do something else worth writing about) for several days, I usually take just as many days to write about it fully.

When American Idol is running, I write about that the day after it airs. Lately, I've been writing a series of reviews of all the films that won the Oscar for Best Picture, which normally run on Wednesdays or Thursdays. In addition, I might write about other movies or TV shows, or share my musings on various topics. On Fridays, I often share found objects, which are typically items I find while walking my dog. Interestingly enough, I just found another one as I said that, a personal note. I dictate most of my entries into a mini-tape recorder while walking my dog.

I've begun putting together an index called Essential Musings, which will be a guide to the most interesting entries on my original journal, Musings, of which this is a mirror. I started Musings five and a half years ago, and as I've reviewed early entries, I remembered that I gave myself a lot of creative license. I hope to return to that spirit, recapturing the fun.

On Saturday, we knew we were at the right house in the suburban development north of Philadelphia, because we recognized the Tech Guru's car. Well, at least The Gryphon did. I'm terrible with cars. I'm lucky I can recognize my own.

We were there for a barbecue she was holding, a long overdue housewarming. Because of her job, she travels all over the world, sometimes staying overseas for months. Only relatively recently she found a permanent place near us.

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