October 14th, 2008

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Google Me This

This is the new version of the "[your name] needs" Google meme, courtesy of just_the_ash and edith_jones. Go to google.com and type in [your name] followed by each word to find a sentence about yourself. (Theoretically, it will most likely be about someone else, though, unless you're a celebrity). : ) Putting it in quotes will help you get back a good sentence.

1. Needs: Alyce needs to be hosting a show or two on HSN.
2. Looks like: Alyce looks like a petri dish from a 1968 fashion experiment crossing paisley with LSD,
3. Says: Alyce says just changing habits can really help when trying to quit.
4. Wants: Alyce wants her equal share of Cleese's nine worldwide properties, including four in California, one in New York, three in London and a villa in Jamaica.
5. Does: Alyce does find the time to hang with friends, surf the punchy beach breaks of her local surf spot and listen to her favorite tunes.
6. Hates: which started as a joke n now alyce hates me im well upset n im sorry can we still be ma8s coz i fought all 3 of us wer best m8s =(. 2 weeks ago
7. Asks: Alyce asks what went on while she was gone, and as soon as the barbeque is mentioned, the oldest daughter rats out her dad and says that alcohol was present.
8. Goes: Alyce goes to see Edward, the homeless boy she helped, and ends up taking a bath with soap.
9. Likes: Beyond her professional interests, Alyce likes photography, traveling and exploring new places, and practices multiple styles of yoga.
10. Eats: Alyce eats much of the popcorn (her mother doesn’t care for it) and later brings the pot back to me in the bedroom.
11. Wears: Leo, Maybe Alyce wears braces!
12. Was arrested for: In this book in the series, Jake, the husband of Josie's best friend, Alyce, is arrested for the murder of an increasingly famous scarf designer.

LJ Idol - Week Four: My Brother, The Rock Star

This is my entry for Week Four of The Real LJ Idol competition, where the topic is "I Think I Thought You Were Someone Else" (Mistaken Identity)." I'll post an update about voting later in the week. If you haven't already, you might want to join therealljidol community, since some voting will be restricted to community members.

ETA: My brother told me more details, which I've incorporated.

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