October 16th, 2008

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Gadget Quest

Since it's been a couple years, it's time to update my technological toys. You see, they've begun malfunctioning. Oh, the joys of planned obsolescence!

My camera, a Canon PowerShot S400 Digital Elph bought, has been to the manufacturer twice for repairs and has recently been shy about playing back pictures. "No, you really don't want to see that one. It's kinda blurry and stuff..."

A friend of mine, The Hugger, raves about her new camera, a Coolpix L18. I've got some familiarity with the Coolpix brand, having used two different models of them for work-related uses (back in the Stone Ages when they were as heavy as plastic paperweights and almost as useful).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking for a lightweight, small point-and-shoot camera. I take a lot of photos, but I'm an amateur. While I'd love to buy a more professional SLR camera, I'm not certain the price would be worth it for my uses. Thoughts?

I'm also looking for recommendations for a portable DVD player. You see, I'm a chronic multitasker, and I'd love to be able to watch DVDs while I'm working at the computer. I currently have a 13-inch color TV in my office which, sadly, doesn't have proper inputs and also has a vestigial VHS player (I killed it with a time-shifted episode of Medium and suspect poltergeists).

Given the limits of my office space and my budget, I figured that a portable DVD player was the cheapest solution. That way I can also take it with me to places like hotel rooms.

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