November 24th, 2008

Carousel 2019

Here There Be Monsters

This weekend was Philcon, and my husband, The Gryphon, and I were panelists. The Gryphon also volunteered to take over the Gaming section, because the person who had been in charge had stepped down. In this job, The Gryphon faced a steep challenge, because nothing had been planned ahead of time. He would have to wing it, setting up games and announcing them through the Philcon rocket, which is the twice daily convention update, printed and available at several places around the convention.

D.J. Rock, who will be heading the convention next year, had invited us to the guest dinner, for the keynote speakers and Philcon staff. It was being held in the hotel restaurant. This year the convention was held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. According to Mapquest, it would take about a half hour to get there (not including, of course, rush hour traffic). Unfortunately, The Gryphon had to stay later than planned at work, so we didn't start out until about 4:30. The dinner started at 5.

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