December 3rd, 2008


My Inner Bond Villain

Your evil

According to the quiz, this says about me: "You love art, antiques and other beautiful luxuries. Your aims, too, tend to be utterly extraordinary – such as the idea of creating a new human race in space. Your opponents cannot help but be impressed by such an imagination."

Impressed. Yes, that's it.
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Last One Tonight, I Promise

By way of norda:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, alycewilson sent to me...
Twelve sundancekats drumming
Eleven electroweaks piping
Ten hideforshames a-leaping
Nine draculachanters dancing
Eight andrian6s a-milking
Seven nordas a-swimming
Six vampires a-laying
Five mo-o-o-ovies
Four gwendolyn brooks
Three absolutely fabulous
Two douglas adams
...and a beck in a beat poetry.
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Evil Leaf Blowers, Sacred Kitty

Wednesday a week ago, we drove to Central Pennsylvania to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. It promised to be a big get-together, because my brother's family was coming from Vermont and my sister and her husband from Virginia, as well as family friend The Pastor and her two sons.

The Pastor's Oldest Son stayed at our place the night before, since he'd flown into Philly from Colorado, where he works for a company that develops flight simulators. He told us a story once about how he was looking through some graphics for said company while on a flight, attracting suspicious looks.

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