December 5th, 2008

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Lessons in Sharing

Last Friday, my husband, The Gryphon, and I woke up and, once more, took turns going to the continental breakfast at our hotel. We had discovered the only creamer for the coffee consisted of cartons of skim milk, so we agreed to share one, with one person bringing half back for the other.

This time, I tried the do-it-yourself waffles, which were both easy and delicious. I think all hotels should offer do-it-yourself waffles.

The same little boy I'd seen at breakfast the day before was running around the room, shooting at things with an imaginary gun while his guardians ate quietly. I wondered if he was like that all day yesterday at Thanksgiving or whether he was releasing pent-up energy after having to behave at Grandma's house.

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Week Ten: Voting Time!

It's time to vote on therealljidol. Go to the link below and cast your vote:

This week's voting is open to community members only, so if you haven't already joined, please do in order to vote. I'm in tribe florida_phoenix (the first one).

You can read all the entries for the week here. The topic this week was "You're So Vain - You Probably Think This Topic is About You."

Because they gave us an extended deadline this week, the polls close at 7 p.m. on Monday.

Thanks again for all your support!
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