December 7th, 2008


Reminder: Voting for Real LJ Idol

I'm not doing terribly well in the voting for therealljidol this week, so if you haven't already done so please go to the link below and cast your vote:

Currently only two votes separate me from the lowest vote-getter, and there's currently a policy in place that two people are in a position to rescue someone from elimination. That means if they chose to rescue the lowest vote-getter, I'd be the one eliminated from my tribe.

This week's voting is open to community members only, so if you haven't already joined, please do in order to vote. I'm in tribe florida_phoenix (the first one). You can join the community and opt out of having it show up on your friends page, should you so choose.

You can read all the entries for the week here. The topic this week was "You're So Vain - You Probably Think This Topic is About You." I had a lot of trouble with this topic and decided to do something different, using song lyrics to compose my entry. I knew it was a risk, but I didn't think it would go over so badly. I'm disappointed in myself, more than anything, and would love the chance to redeem myself by returning to form next week. Then, at least if I'm eliminated, I'd know I'd gone out doing my best.

Because they gave us an extended deadline this week, the polls close at 7 p.m. on Monday.

Thanks again to all who have supported me so far!
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