February 9th, 2009

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Wild Violet Preview

I spent most of this weekend working on graphics for the Winter issue of Wild Violet, which I'm hoping to complete by next weekend. Over the course of the weekend, I took a few breaks to get breakfast with The Gryphon and run some errands on Saturday, to eat at a nearby Mexican restaurant, and to get brunch on Sunday. Also, he cooked a delicious dinner for me Sunday night, of chicken breast with an orange sauce, along with asparagus and his version of a Yorkshire pudding.

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Paying Back Karma

Someone spoke up for me on her friends' list earlier in the competition when I was hurting for votes, and though she's no longer in the competition, I'm paying it forward. Please note that if I do not mention you, it does not mean that I don't like your entry or that I didn't already vote for it!

The voting link is here: http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/230028.html

Please consider giving some love to just_the_ash, professor and poet extraordinaire (and fellow Penn State alum), who wrote about how we offer each other shelter; xo_kizzy_xo, baker and dog lover, who wrote about dealing with anger issues; winterberries, whose lyrical confessional style I've loved for a long time and who wrote a sort of history of her life in blankets; and lilmissmagic71, whose stories about her Southern roots have gotten stronger as the season progressed and who this week wrote about quilting in her family.

Yes, this week's topic was "Blanket," if you didn't already know. Rough, huh?

If you've already voted for me in the poll, you can still alter your vote to add other people. Just open the voting link, click on the name of the poll ("Poll #1345081"), and then click on the link that says "fill out poll." It will let you change how you answered, and you can add more people. Links to the entries are included to the right of the usernames, so if you want, look at the lowest voter getters and see if any of them deserve more attention.

ETA: It looks like the funny and compassionate baxaphobia needs your support, too. She wrote about the changing seasons in New England this week. Honestly, there are so many good writers left that I understand why the vote is so tight!
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