February 26th, 2009

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A Site for Book Lovers

My sister introduced me to a site called GoodReads, where members can share their book reviews and recommendations. I've finally joined it, and my (admittedly sparse) reading list can be found here.

If you find it interesting, join up and add me as a friend.

I'm also going to eventually get around to joining Facebook, which my sister has also urged me to do. Maybe later today, if I have time.
american idol

Semifinal Round Two

The second group of 12 semifinalists competed last night on American Idol. Three will advance to the finalist round.

The contestants chose songs from the Billboard Hot 100 chart, going back to since the charts began. Unlike the previous week, more contestants from this group chose contemporary songs, probably in response to comments from the judges last week, who often accused contestants of choosing "old-fashioned" songs.

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Week Twenty-Two: Voting Time!

It's time to vote on therealljidol. Go to the link below and cast your vote:


This week's vote is open to anybody. Four contestants will be eliminated, two from each tribe. We were asked to choose one of two topics this week: "Achilles Heel" or "Scapegoat." I chose "Scapegoat." We are competing only against the other people who chose our topic.

You can read all the entries for the week here. My entry is here.

PLEASE NOTE: The polls close at 7 p.m. SATURDAY, so don't forget to vote!

Thanks again for all your support!

OMG Facebook Drama

I'm sorry for this necessarily cryptic entry, but fellow Penn State Monty Python Society alumni, guess who wants to friend me on Facebook? The Nine. Yes, that's right. The Nine.

OK, who said his name three times?