August 9th, 2009

eat me

Camera-Phone Diet - Saturday, August 8

Until I reach my goal of losing 15 pounds (which will put me where I was on my wedding day), I'm doing something called the "Camera-Phone Diet," where you photograph everything you eat. I accidentally deleted most of Friday's pics without saving them to my hard drive, but that day was a pretty typical weekday. Saturday was an Otakon meeting. We had breakfast at home. Lunch was takeout from Starbucks, and in the evening we went to a cookout at The Godfather's place.

Here's what I ate:

Saturday, August 8 - Breakfast  Saturday, August 8 - Mint  Saturday, August 8 - Sandwich  Saturday, August 8 - Shared Salad  Saturday, August 8 - Litchi Candy  Saturday, August 8 - Strongbow

 Saturday, August 8 - Dinner  Saturday, August 8 - Cookie  Saturday, August 8 - Cheesecake  Saturday, August 8 - Wine  Saturday, August 8 - Frappuccino

You can read details about any of these items by clicking on the photo.