September 16th, 2009


My Kidney Hurts

This morning on my dog walk, I dictated an entry in my Oscars series, about Kramer v. Kramer. Unfortunately, my computer keeps blue-screening, so I've moved onto The Gryphon's laptop to do my evening work. The Gryphon, sweetheart that he is, has offered to skip his weekly gaming session at a friend's place in order to work on my computer.

So I watched the Kramer v. Kramer documentary on the DVD, and now I'm wathing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. And no, neither one of those made my kidney hurt.

The source of the pain is, according to my doctor (whom I saw on Monday), a kidney infection (best-case scenario) or a kidney stone (worst-case scenario). So I'm on antibiotics, and if the pain doesn't go away by next Tuesday, I get to have an X-ray to search for stones.

Oh, and did I mention that the pharmacist told me that if I drink alcohol while on these antibiotics I'll break into a nasty rash? This week is all kinds of fun.