September 29th, 2009


Unexpected Beauty

As I mentioned in yesterday's entry, I took some photos with my old Honeywell Pentax at the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge when The Gryphon and I visited it as part of our anniversary celebration this weekend.

Because the battery that powers the light meter was dying, I had trouble figuring out the proper settings for photos. When I dropped off the film at the local CVS, I fully expected that I would get nothing back but a roll of either overexposed or underexposed photos. In fact, I ordered just a photo CD, knowing that I wouldn't want prints of everything.

Imagine my delight to discover that many of the photos were actually quite good. And I couldn't believe my luck to discover that all the photos I really wanted — from the action shots of wildlife to a portrait of The Gryphon — had turned out. And so on this, our actual anniversary, I'd like to share my favorites from the roll.

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Camera-Phone Diet: Monday, September 28

Until I reach my goal of losing 15 pounds (which will put me where I was on my wedding day), I'm doing something called the "Camera-Phone Diet," where you photograph everything you eat. Monday, I ended up having a lot of light snacks throughout the day but still came in on target.

Here's what I ate:

Monday, September 28 - Breakfast  Monday, September 28 - Lunch  Monday, September 28 - Soy Chips  Monday, September 28 - Dinner  Monday, September 28 - English Muffin

Monday, September 28 - Grapes  Monday, September 28 - Coffee  Monday, September 28 - Yogurt  Monday, September 28 - Snack

You can read details about any of these items by clicking on the photo.