October 13th, 2009


LJI Home Game - Topic 0 - Interviewing Myself

Season 6 of LJ Idol is starting, and it's not too late to sign up to compete, for those who are interested. The deadline to sign up is Wednesday, October 14th at 7 pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). To sign up, you need to have a Live Journal account. Then you need to post in your Live Journal that you intend to compete and copy the link for that entry into the sign up post. Finally, you need to write an introduction in your Live Journal and then post a link to it under the Topic 0 post. The introductions are due by Wednesday, October 14th at 8pm EDT. A full FAQ is available at this post.

I am playing the home game this season, which means I, myself, am not competing. But I'll write an introduction anyway, for the benefit of those reading my home game entries and for the benefit of those who friended me recently. If you're interested, here's what I wrote last year.

I'm going to ask myself a series of questions and answer them. If you like the exercise, feel free to copy and paste the questions and pair them with your own answers in your blog.

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