December 7th, 2009

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Snowy Meeting

On Saturday was another Otakon planning meeting. My husband, The Gryphon, and I carpooled down with The Dormouse and The Cheshire Cat. Despite tires that his garage has told him must be replaced at his next inspection in a month. The Dormouse's car handled well in the snow (except for a weird stretch of highway that was either icy or just uneven). We probably got about four inches total in Baltimore and somewhat less in Philly, almost none of it accumulating on the roads.

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Bloody Dreams

Today I am undergoing yet another prenatal test: a blood sugar test to check for gestational diabetes. My doctor recommended doing this test a little earlier than is typically requested, both because of family history (my great-grandmother on my mother's side died of complications from diabetes) and because I've been experiencing excessive thirst. I know you're supposed to get thirstier when you're pregnant, so I'm not sure if the level of my thirst is normal or not.

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I Can Has More Blood Nao?

Just returned from the second portion of the gestational diabetes testing. Not too traumatic: just another vial of blood. They should have the results by Wednesday, in time for my next checkup.

FYI, gestational diabetes can happen to anybody, but provided that you adjust your diet accordingly, it typically leads to no further problems. Unchecked, though, it can lead to VERY large babies which can be difficult to deliver, plus the possibility of the mother developing permanent diabetes.

Most ob-gyns currently test for gestational diabetes a little later in the pregnancy. We did it earlier because of my family history (a great-grandmother -- or great-great-grandmother, not sure) who died of diabetes complications.

And no, my blood was not a frothy pink strawberry smoothie, as it was in last night's dream. Too bad; that was tasty!